Lady! Lady! accessories. In the package on the left, you can see Lynn's favorite stuffed bunny from when she was little! ^_^


Lynn Russell from the Toei Anime TV series Lady! Lady! Lynn's father is from UK, and her mother is from Japan; both are from a noble families.

Sarah Russell, Lynn's older half-sister, both parents are from UK and from noble families.



Lady! Lady! Catalog # 2


Hello! Lady Lynn Paper Doll Book. Very pretty pictures inside! ^_^


The musican necklace that Lynn's father gave to her. It opens up, and when winding it up it play the music just like the necklace in the animated series. It has a picture of Lynn, her older sister Sarah, and their father. It also come with a keychain that included three little hard-card pictures. The key chain can be removed and put on the heart-shaped pendant! Xtra cool! ^_^ (see more pictures below).


I also own the complete TV episodes on VCDs! ^.^ A friend sent them to me from Kuwait, so they are in Arabic language! The quality is 9/10. I only wish I could find this series in English or at least Japanese (even though I don't speak foreign languages!) But hey, these VCDs are better than nothing! ^_^

Case cover

Volumes 1 & 2

Volumes 3 & 4

Story Summary

Lynn lost her mother at the age of five and lives in with her father in England. Lynn's father is not able to be by her side all the time because of his busy schedule and Lynn is often lef on her own. Despite having to endure the harsh loneliness, Lynn strives to protect her promise with her mother to become a strong and elegant lady. (Source).